People Who Recommend Meaghan

“When it comes to knowing about event production, Meaghan Edelstein is the very best!! As a marketer and keynote speaker, I see a lot of meetings and programs that are good but not great. Meaghan is one of those rare professionals who combines what (and how) is the right thing to do, with getting it done! And the result is always spectacular.”

JEFFREY HAYZLETT, Speaker, The Hayzlett Group


“I met Meaghan through her work at GSMI, when she was producing the Las Vegas SMSS event. I was immediately impressed by her professional demeanor and ability to produce a successful event while remaining cool, calm and collected. In addition to Meaghan's stellar skills as a producer, people connecter and Social Media whiz, is her willingness to share her knowledge and experience. She has been working in the industry for quite some time and it shows. I'm continually impressed by how willing she is to help others' shape their careers and grow into Social Media thought leaders. Meaghan's skills combined with her genuine interest in building relationships makes her the perfect match for any endeavor she pursues.”

Amy Gilmer, Social Media Associate Manager, Stella and Dot

“As a veteran speaker on the marketing/leadership/technology circuit there are characteristics that I've identified about the organizers of the best conferences: ability to be a welcoming host, assembling a list of other speakers who care more about delivering valuable content to the attendees than pitching, filling the room with eager and engaged attendees, managing all of the little stuff that comes up in the course of a multi-track event." Meaghan Edelstein has met or exceeded standards for all of these things for the three events I have had the good fortune of working with her for in San Francisco, Boston and Las Vegas. Given the dreary perception of my topic--analytics for marketing people--I'm especially amazed at both the size and quality of audience she has gathered when I've presented. I would absolutely speak at an event organized by Meaghan without a second thought.”

Gahlord Dewald, Speaker: Online Strategy, Emerging Technologies, SEO, Analytics, Thoughtfaucet

“In the fluid world of social media, Meaghan has consistently provided structure, understanding and process to those of us swimming right along. Her knowledge of social platforms and strategies makes her an asset for any company or contact in need of guidance. Being honest and straight-forward comes naturally to Meaghan, which is often a lost art in this instant-gratification, immediate-results world we now live and work in every day. You want to tackle something new or difficult - Meaghan is the person you want helping you do it.”

Dana Thomas, Assistant Director of Social Media Strategies, NCAA


“Meaghan is a joy to work with and just an all around pleasant person. Meaghan put together a great slate of fellow speakers for a Social Media Risk and Reward conference in Boston. I was really impressed with the speakers she was able to assemble in a short period of time and particulalry enjoyed her legitimate efforts to really coordinate a customize, non-redundant, non-cliche and up to the minute agenda. Her experience with Mashable and knowledge of the space in advance was a real plus. It was also great to have a great, well organized host at the event,,,,she made me feel very welcome and introduced me to everyone...that is not something all hosts of these events do. Overall, it is always a joy to speak at Meaghan's events because I know because of her careful planning and orchestration, I will also always walk away with more than I give.”

Mark Bisard, Cyberlawyer - VP & Senior Counsel - General Counsel's Office, American Express

“Over the past three years I've attended approximately 10 social media conferences. The GSMI conferences organized by Meaghan stood head and shoulders above them all, even the New Media Expo (BlogWorld). The speakers were world class influencers and researchers (e.g., Guy Kawasaki, Charlene Li, Chris Silva, etc.), and access to the speakers was unprecedented. The networking opportunities with fellow attendees were extra productive. Despite the prolific nature of the conferences, at least one a quarter, the quality never suffered. (I attended four GSMI conferences in 2011 and 2012.)

Meaghan is a proficient organizer, connector and achiever. She also is an effective group facilitator who is highly knowledgeable and well-practiced in the use of social media and the latest trends and technology in the industry. She demonstrated this week after week as the leader of GSMI's collaborative social media working group SocialAxcess25.”

Chris Giovagnoni , Sponsor Engagement and Social Media Program Manager, Compassion International

"I had the pleasure of working with Meaghan while she was the Facilitator of the GSMI SocialAxcess25 executive working group. Meaghan is very organized, is extremely thorough and is a consummate professional. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table from her experience in the realm of social media and blogging. I would highly recommend Meaghan who brings enthusiasm and energy to any project she is involved in."

Marlena Solomon, Communications Specialist, Royal Purple Inc.

“I first met Meaghan during the Social Media Strategies Summit in San Francisco, where I had the pleasure of presenting on how to work effectively with mom bloggers. Meaghan was not only instrumental in ensuring the conference was executed flawlessly, but she was also a wonderful hostess, providing answers to those who needed them and engaging most everyone in conversation. I was impressed by her work ethic and her composure during such a major event.”

Francesca Banducci, Managing Partner, The SITS Girls Camp; Bloggy Boot Camp

“I stand in awe of Meaghan! Every so often, you have the opportunity to meet and work with a super-talented and success-driven professional, that makes you blows you away with what they can accomplish. Meaghan is a force of charisma and energy that makes her work shine and it would be my privilege to serve as a recommendation for her.”

Myles Bristowe, Chief Marketing Officer, CommCreative

“Bottom line: Meaghan accomplishes the mission. Aside from being an absolutely competent planner, she is a talented social media communicator. She’s smart, sharp, focused and the “go-to” type person we all seek when we want to make sure the job gets done, and done well. Meaghan skillfully organized two GSMI events at which I had the opportunity and pleasure to deliver presentations. Knowing the quality of events, talent, staff, venue and professionalism she was able to deliver, I made sure my management staff also attended Meaghan-planned, GSMI events. Meaghan is able to motivate people and invites others to share in her enthusiasm. From her personal accounts, to her hands-on experience and a portfolio of wide-reaching published work, Meaghan can be relied on for sound advice and social media acumen.”

Greg Reeder, Director, Digital and Social Media Production, Defense Media Activity

“Meaghan is one of the most dedicated, capable, professional and focused people I have encountered. She excels at all that she pursues, is highly regarding by professionals at all levels within the Corp, Social, Nonprofit, and Media sectors. Her strong intellect, people skills and passion is infectious. She influences others and encourages them (and herself) to stretch while at the same time maintaining a collaborative approach. Professional, Courteous, Dependable, Thorough, Strategic Influence, Team Builder and a down right pleasure to work with. I highly recommend seizing any opportunity you encounter to work with, for, or along side Meaghan”

 C. Douglas Plank, Chairman / CEO / Founder, MobileCause

“Meaghan is a one of a kind. I have had the pleasure of attending many conferences that Meaghan has organized. No matter the size or subject matter Meaghan brings the best for her conference attendees. She not only is a great organizer Meaghan has a personality unlike many. She is the true definition of a giver, sharing and helping all who she touches to grow and prosper to their full potential. Its impossible to leave a conference that Meaghan has organized without a feeling of excitement and a serious drive to tackle your toughest obstacles ahead!”

Chris Dion, Social Media Specialist, Graphic Artist, Big Y Foods

“Besides being a joy to work with, Meaghan is a take-charge person who's able to inspire, motivate, and wrangle a number of speakers and communicate the expectations for the conferences she helps put together. It's rare to find someone who can not only organize numbers of subject matter experts, but also to be able to write her own thoughts and insights in a equal level of expertise. I consider her an asset to any organization, not only as a disciplined planner & organizer, but also extraordinarily helpful as a well connected professional. All in all, she's pretty awesome. You'd be hard pressed to find her equal.”

 Marcus Nelson, Director of Social Media, Salesforce.com

“I first worked with Meaghan at the GSMI Social Media Summit in Boston. I was a speaker on the B2C panel regarding social media marketing best practices. Meaghan was incredibly warm and welcoming and ran a very tight ship. I was very impressed with the quality of each of the presenters at the summit and the content that was being shared with all of the attendees. I have recommended GSMI Summits to our clients as ideal setting to both learn and contribute to thought leadership in social marketing. Meaghan takes great pride in the quality of speakers that attend and the overall experience for attendees, which is most apparent in her thoughtful details sprinkled through the three days of events. I have also had the pleasure of working with Meaghan as a contributor for a piece she published for Mashable. Meaghan was incredibly professional when interviewing a roster of clients, and we felt extremely comfortable handing them over to her. She also did a phenomenal job bringing to life Wildfire's platform and highlighting our organization's perspective on social marketing.”

Stephanie Brookby, Account Strategist, Wildfire Interactive, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Meaghan on both her Social Media Strategies Summit conference and through providing guest blogs on www.socialaxcess.com. Her level of professionalism and dedication to obtaining results is exceptional. As a speaker, I always felt that I had complete access to whatever I needed to conduct a successful seminar. However, the more incredible fact was that she did not stop her job when the conference was over. She followed up with me to ensure that my experience was positive and provided feedback from the attendees within a few days. After the conference she has been accessible to discuss blog ideas, webinar topics and is always ready to offer outstanding insight into the social media world. Follow-up: Meaghan has been the conference producer at multiple social and digital media conferences at which I have had the pleasure of speaking. Not only do her conferences result in incredible attendees and inspirational speakers, she also manages juggling a successful conference with her own ability to make all the speakers feel as comfortable as possible. She is consistently one step ahead of the game, tirelessly works to ensure that the event is exceptional, and provides the type of follow-up not seen at other venues. I have been honored to have the opportunity to work with Meaghan in the past, look forward to future endeavors, and would highly recommend her.”

Terra Spero, Managing Partner, RealTime Marketing Group

“Meaghan as put on some really exciting and creative conferences. She has invited me to speak at a couple and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to working with her in the future.”

Gary Bahadur, CEO, Kraa Security

“Meaghan runs a fantastic conference. I had the privilege of speaking at he social media summit in Boston, which was just a delightful experience. Well run, good personal touch, very informative. I highly recommend Meaghan, a true professional.”

Geoff Livingston, Partner & Co-Founder, Zoetica

“I have had the pleasure of Speaking at several GSMI conferences over the past year- and happily was introduced to Meaghan. Coordinating and organizing conferences of this size is no easy task- but she does it with ease and grace to much success. She has a remarkable ability to make everyone feel like they are the most important person in the room. She is professional, organized and above all a joyful spirit that makes working with (or for) a rewarding experience. I highly endorse Meaghan- and should you have any questions you would like ask- feel free to connect with me here on Linkedin anytime.”

Marcy Massura, Digital Community Manager, Weber Shandwick

“Meaghan is a wonderful conference producer. I’ve spoken at a number of the conferences she’s produced for GSMI and strongly believe that the events are so successful as a result of her hard work, organization and strong interpersonal capabilities. Meaghan works hard to determine the right mix of speakers for every event, which is no small feat. She also consistently goes above and beyond when it comes to taking care of her speakers, from ensuring that they’re all set to present, to making key networking introductions on site at the conference. As a result, I’ve left every one of her/GSMI’s conferences with a number of dynamic new contacts, best practices to share with my team and an interest in returning back as many times as she’ll have me!”

Jessica Gioglio, Public Relations and Social Media Manager, Dunkin' Brands 

“Meaghan is extremely detail oriented and well connected, which is why she produces and promotes great conferences at GSMI. I've spoked at Meaghan's events, and the feedback is always positive due to her ability to book high caliber speakers, and provide great opportunities for networking and interactions above and beyond what other conferences offer. I would trust Meaghan to plan, coordinate and execute any event...I would actually trust her with my first born :)”

Jen Cohen, Speaker and Presenter, Something Creative, LLC

“I met Meaghan at a Social Media seminar in NYC, just as she began her work at GSMI (Global Strategic Management Institute). Soon after, I had the opportunity to attend one of the events she organized for GSMI; I was very impressed by how well-organized the several-day social media seminar was. Meaghan put together diverse, informative and interesting panels that provided a great experience for attendees. I also spoke at the Social Media Strategies seminar in SF, and as a speaker I found everything very well-organized: the event went off without a hitch with many major brand representatives and social media experts speaking and in attendance. If you are looking for a top-notch event planner, or for someone who can speak to social media strategies with expertise and insight, I highly recommend that you contact Meaghan.

Bob Heinemann VP, Interactive Marketing EMI Music North America” Bob Heinemann, Vice President, Interactive Marketing, EMI Music

“I had the pleasure of speaking at one of Meaghan's conferences in San Francisco and was extremely pleased with the caliber of talent she assembled both from other speakers and attendees as well. Meaghan and her team also created a program that had a larger depth than many of the 'off the rack' Social Media conferences I attend on a regular basis. The mixture of emerging subjects along with the case study focus is a hard balance and she did a great job on having both types of content represented well. Lastly--and this is huge--she gave enough breaks between talks for speakers and attendees to network! I can't tell you how rarely that happens and it's very frustrating as a speaker to not have time to connect with people who may want to work/meet with you, etc. So thanks to Meaghan and her excellent team! I highly recommend you head to one of her events asap.”

John C. Havens, EVP, Social Media, Porter Novelli

“Meaghan has a fluent understanding of social media. She applies this knowledge as an organizer of social media summits and conferences. She intrinsically understands what an audience wants and needs to know in order to make strategic business decisions. With this in mind, she gathers speakers who offer thought leadership, comprehensive knowledge of the industry, and practical advice to an audience. In addition, Meaghan is professional and detailed oriented. It has been a pleasure working with Meaghan.”

Kyle-Beth Basson Hilfer, Advertising/Marketing Law Specialist and Arbitrator, Kyle-Beth Hilfer, P.C.

“I met Meaghan several years ago when I was just starting out in the social media industry. She was already a well-established pro in the field, having started a successful non-profit. Over the years, I've had the privilege of being under Meaghan's tutelage; she has been a wealth of knowledge and encouraging support. I have also been quite inspired by Meaghan's work as vice president and social media director at GSMI. She possesses all the traits of a cutting-edge marketer and solid leader. I'll continue learning and being inspired by Meaghan's career decisions. I'm grateful to know her.”

Baochi Nguyen, PR/Social Media Manager, Boingo Wireless

“Meaghan produced the Social Media Strategies Summit I attended in Las Vegas in February 2012. The conference was extremely well run and managed by Meaghan. Not only did Meaghan coordinate a large conference, all the speakers, and workshops, but she managed to stay accessible to attendees for questions or comments. Meaghan is also an accomplished and knowledgable speaker. Her expertise in blogging and social media will be an asset to any team she joins. Not only would I recommend Meaghan as an event producer, but as a public speaker!”

Josh King, Director of Business Development, Peacock Virtual Solutions

“Meaghan is not only a talented professional organizer, event coordinator, and social media expert, but she is also a complete joy to work with. As a speaker at a GSMI event organized by Meaghan, I felt informed and connected at every step of the way, and was thoroughly impressed by the talent roster she was able to garner amongst my fellow speakers. I would highly recommend Meaghan's work and would not hesitate to collaborate with her again in the future.”

Barb Dybwad, Director of Programming, Tecca

“I've spoken at many conference, and I found Meaghan's professionalism, preparation and knowledge to be top notch. When I presented at SMSS in San Francisco, Meaghan was there every step of the way. She not only provided spot-on logistics, but she also offered insight about the audience and expectations that helped me focus the content of my session.”

Matt Hicks, Manager, Corporate Communications, Facebook (business partner)

“Meaghan has taught me a lot since we have been working together. As a social media newbie she took me under her wing and really taught and explained this new world to me. I can honestly say working with her has been a great pleasure. While running campaigns and rewiring client's social media platforms we have collaborated to creatively build a strong brand. I look forward to the many more things she has yet to teach me!”

 Rachel Solimini, Social Media Consultant, Smashyn. Reported to Meaghan at SMASHYN

“Meaghan is a pleasure to work with. She has helped me out of several jams when trying to find new and out of the box strategies for interactive marketing. She is my go to person in terms of social media. Many people in the social media industry offer services but Meaghan delivers results.” 

Andy Vitale, Senior Designer/Social Media Manager, Pro Wrestling Fusion

“Meaghan is one of the most driven, courageous, and hard working person I have ever met. She puts her mind to a cause and nothing will stop her. She is top of the line in technical knowledge and has successfully started more than one amazing cause based solely on her own initiative. She has a kind heart and is willing to go out of her way to make sure everyone is happy. She is an exceptional team player and is always looking out for her fellow colleagues in life. There is no one I would rather have in my corner than Meaghan.”

Jetty Kircher, Coordinator, Artist, Lagomorph Studios worked directly with Meaghan at Spirit Jump

“Meaghan, who is president of Spirit Jump, is one of the most dedicated, sensitive, smart, and button down executives I've ever had the privilege of knowing. Personally I've seen that everyone who has ever worked with her feels exactly the same way. I can't recommend this wonderful woman strongly enough.”

Alyn Darnay, Writer/Director/Author, Chaos Films worked with Meaghan at Spirit Jump

“Meaghan is an amazing professional who started Spirit Jump out of her own battle with cancer. She cares deeply about the people who help her help others and those she helps. She is also a fantastic marketer, writer and highly impressive as the face of Spirit Jump to so many. She has built Spirit Jump from the ground floor and I am confident in the near future it will be a charity that everyone knows and many more participate in!”

Laura Levitan, Partner/EVP Brand Development, Mr. Youth worked directly with Meaghan at Spirit Jump

“I found Meaghan through her charitable site, Spirit Jump, and was so impressed by her work. I signed on to be a member of this wonderful group. Meaghan is a powerful woman. By powerful, I mean that she has the biggest heart and passion for what she is doing. She has set aside her own health issues and struggles to help others, so that they can go through it with a HUGE support group. Part of surviving cancer and other diseases is a will to live. Meaghan gives that to people. She organized this support group of people with the sole purpose of lifting the spirits of those suffering, letting them know that they are not alone. I only wish there had been this group when my Grandmother went through her last days in the battle against cancer. Meaghan is an inspiration to me. I am so proud to be a part of Spirit Jump.”

Lagean Ellis, Owner, Serene Moments reported to Meaghan at Spirit Jump

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